Start your OWN web page - Get Started

Get Started

How much does it cost? ... everyone ask this question.

Your cost to"own" your is around $10.00 PER YEAR.
Your cost to "own" a Host Account (a Host Server) - ranges based on how many years you contract for - BUT less than $10.00 per month is not uncommon.

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Select your URL (Uniform Resource Locator) ie: the address of your page
The http://www. YOURNAME. com
Check to see if this yourname is available
At top of this page - Whois - just enter: yourname and Search
Do Not Buy the name at this time.

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Contact Genewhen you are ready to Get Started. I will help you:
Buy the name and Order a "host" web server account.

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I or we will create your web pages based on the purpose of your page.
Content is KING!
Many if not all of your pages can be managed by YOU, if you select the right "host" server!

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I or we will SUBMIT your site to search engines and directories.

Purpose of your web page:

To provide information about your services and products.

To provide "on line ordering" of services and products.

To provide the ability for users to view and or edit data base files.


I have web page software, editors, and WS-FTP.
I also have " PHP/My Sql and CGI programs", image editing software, web page templates, images, animated images and more (app. $1500.00 of software). Their is no charge for the above if I have it or can get it free.

My fees are $35.00 per hour and I bill by tenths of hours. Note: some people charge by the page and charge extras for images , java script, java applets , a real "rip off" for you. I have seen rates for creating pages from $80.00 to $150.00 per hour.

It is difficult to estimate the cost at this time because I do not know exactly what you want.

I am VERY experienced with web pages, java and all the stuff you do not need to know or worry about.

I take "pride" in my creations and will work hard to give you a web page that will:
(1) establish your presence on the WWW
(2) improve your company image
(3) meet or exceed your web page purpose

Thank you,

Your Favorite WebMaster---- Gene Capoferri