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Eugene (Gene) Emidio Capoferri, son of Alfonzo Capoferri, who is the son of Emidio Capoferri

The Emidio Capoferri & Speranza (Bizzarri) Capoferri family:
From Ancarano Italy, province of Teramo, the region of Abruzzo 

Emidio Capoferri
Born 07/15/1874 Ancarano Italy,
Married 2/??/1901, died 05/25/1942

Speranza (Bizzarri) Capoferri
Born 03/28/1882  Ancarano Italy, Married 2/??/1901, died 03/24/1971
  Ancarano coat of arms

More Capoferri Families:
Angelo Capoferri & Elisa Amadio Capoferri
Sabatino Capoferri & Giovina Bizzarri Capoferri
Luigi Capoferri & Rose Ronio Capoferri
Louis Capoferri & Enrichetta DeFelice Capoferri
Sante Capoferri & Clara Sabatini Capoferri
Saverio Capoferri & Dorina Laurenzi Capoferri

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